Game Systems are Highly Stolen Items

The popularity of gaming systems  is making them appealing to area thieves. Amarillo police tell us the same kind of consoles are also showing up in local pawn shops.

Amarillo police tell us many burglary reports in the last week include at least one of these systems. Microsoft X-box, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo Wii.

Sgt. Randy Tenbrink says since February first, pawnshop records show that 52 of these similar gaming consoles have been sold to one multi location business in Amarillo.

"We're not accusing anyone of buying stolen property they don't know if it's stolen or not when they buy it because it's not marked," said Sgt. Randy Tenbrink of the Amarillo Police Department.

Tenbrink recommends engraving your license plate number on the console or writing down the serial number and keeping it in a safe place.

But he warns to never use your social security number. If you'd like to engrave your console you can do it for free at the police department.