Fugitive File Wrap Up

Two down, three to go.

The Amarillo Police Department catches two of its fugitives but is on the lookout for three more.

Murder.... Illegal use of credit cards.....The people allegedly behind these crimes are still on the loose in our area.

But after we dig deep into our fugitive file this evening, the Amarillo police hope you help get them off the streets.

First, the captured criminals.

17-year-old Raul Lombrana, Jr.  He is accused of burglarizing a home in Potter County.

Next, 29-year-old Reynaldo Baeza.  He is also accused of burglarizing a home in Potter County.

The fugitives still at large.

34-year-old John Worley Abbott, III.  He is wanted out of both Potter and Randall counties for allegedly taking someone else's credit card and charging money on it.

Last is 31-year-old Amador Lujan Lomeli.  He is wanted out of Potter county for allegedly killing a man in august outside Buster's Lounge during an apparent argument.

All calls to Amarillo CrimeStoppers are anonymous.  They do not want to know who you are, they just want the information.  The number for CrimeStoppers is 374-4400.

Information leading to an arrest is worth up to 300 dollars in your pocket.