AISD Among Districts With Teacher Inequality, Report Says

Daniel Coward, Assistant Superintendent
Daniel Coward, Assistant Superintendent

Students at Amarillo schools with higher poverty and minority rates are apparently getting shortchanged on their education. That, according to a report released today by The Education Trust. But the Amarillo Independent School District says that is not the case.

The report finds that in the 50 largest school districts in Texas, poor and minority students are in classrooms with teachers who are not as experienced nor as well-paid as their counterparts.

The AISD is one of those listed in the report. The district is also listed to have a higher teacher turnover rate in its lower income, higher minority schools.

But the district says many teachers leave one lower-income school to go to another school of the same caliber.  Daniel Coward, Assistant Superintendent, says "we have many teachers who have a heart to teach these students and they'll make a commitment to do that."

Coward also says most people get better with experience, but just because a teacher has fewer years under his or her belt does not mean he or she is an inadequate teacher.  And if a teacher is new, he or she is often placed with more experienced peers to observe and shadow.