Clovis Adult Drug Court

Keeping troubled individuals out of jail. That's the goal of one newly adopted New Mexico program called Adult Drug Court.

It's a program that started in Florida, and now is moving into other states throughout the nation.

The goal is to take non-violent drug offenders, and approach their drug abuse problem as an alternative to prison.

Today was the first graduation of the 9th Judicial District Court in Clovis.

Lawrence Baker made it through the near year long program, and it's changed his life.

"Whenever it was offered to me, i saw it as an excellent opportunity to get out of jail. Since then, it's helped make sobriety a way of life."

District Judge Teddy Hartley is a member of the drug court team, and he believes very strongly in the foundations of the program.

"If they have the good sense and god's help to stay away from the people and places that they were with, they'll be successful."

Organizers hope to keep roughly 20 graduates in the program at all times.

Hartley tells us that most recovery programs see roughly a 25% success rate.

Across the nation, the Adult Drug Court program works about 75% of the time.