Popular Music Sending Negative Messages To Teens

Your teen is being exposed to drugs, alcohol, sex and violence if they're listening to popular music.

According to one new study teens hear 84 hits of illicit lyrics each day. In fact, the number is 30,782, that's how many times substance abuse, sex and violence came up in billboards top hits in 2005. Chances are if your teen owns an ipod or has an itunes account, they're listening to these lyrics.

"I do know that if they are listening to this they are identifying with this and this is something that they see as, wow people really look up to this individual he drinks and he talks about smoking marijuana and look he's really successful and doing great from a social learning theory this could be a danger and something we'll watch out for with teenagers." said Counselor Joe Barton.

We spoke with several teens that told us music definitely has a big influence on them and their peers, but it isn't all bad.

"Well christian music if you're submerged in then you will, it affects even if it's not christian music whatever you listen to will affect you somehow." said Deve Eilert a teen who says she prefers christian music.

Ryan Barnes says "It just depends on if you surround yourself with that type of activities. If you want to be around that the music can only go so far you have to actually do the rest."

"There's a lot people who listen to different kinds of music that influence drug abuse and stuff like that, but me personally doesn't, maybe that's one of the factors that leads to them doing that." Shawn Shepherd added.

Barton says the most important thing parents can do is pay attention. Approach tem about their music, ask what they're listening, which artist they like and even listen to it with them. He adds you don't want to forbid them, but you want to explain to them the other side of the music, what comes with drinking and drug abuse and how it could cause their lives to fall apart. He says it's about balance.