Slower Tornado Season Likely in Store

Steve Drillette, National Weather Service
Steve Drillette, National Weather Service

The La Nina weather phenomenon may have an impact on this year's tornado season. That is according to forecasters at the National Weather Service in Amarillo.

Meteorologists tell us we may not experience the active season like what we had last year.  They say during the la nina pattern, we usually have fewer tornadoes.  But we still could be surprised.

Steve Drillette, of NWS, says "La Nina is weakening a bit so we could be more active later in the spring if the trend continues."

They warn one outbreak is all it takes to cause major destruction. Drillette says "we don't want people to let their guard down....any bad storm could be devastating and dangerous."

On average, our area sees about 21 tornadoes during the season. The weather service expects that many or fewer this season.