Liberal International Pancake Race

The International Pancake Race was held in Liberal on Tuesday.

The race pits competitors with those in Olney, England and has been an annual tradition since 1950.

The winner this year came from Liberal.

18-year-old high school senior Amanda Curtis had a winning time of one minute and six point three seconds.

The winner is the one with the best time to complete the 415 yard course while carrying a skillet.

Snowy wintry weather didn't stop the crowd of young and old from turning out to watch the race.

Pancake Day is always on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.

A 42-year-old web designer won the race in Olney.

It took her one minute and nine seconds to complete the course from the town market to the church.

Legend has it that in 1445, a housewife in Olney started baking her pancakes rather late.

They were not quite finished when the church bell rang.

Not wishing to leave her pancakes to burn, she grabbed the griddle and took the pancakes with her.