Top Ten Most Stolen Cars in Texas

It can happen while you are in the grocery store, at the mall, or even during a quick trip to the dry cleaners.  In less than a minute a thief can swipe your vehicle.

The Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention authority just released its annual list of the top ten most stolen cars in the state.

In 2006 alone vehicle thefts cost Texans more than 900 million dollars.  But there are ways you can try to prevent it from happening to you.

The Amarillo Police Department says preventive measures like car alarms and other devices may deter a thief.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld says out of the 76 auto thefts so far this year, 48 of them had keys left in the car.

Amarillo Police Blotter
Straight from the Amarillo Police Department. Look at the  daily activity.
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The most stolen vehicles in Texas are:

1. Ford Pickup

2. Chevrolet Pickup

3. Dodge Pickup

4. Honda Accord

5. Honda Civic

6. Chevrolet Tahoe

7. GMC Pickup

8. Ford Taurus

9. Toyota Camry

10. Ford Mustang