Area Woman Makes Own Super Tuesday History

An area woman makes her own Super Tuesday history tonight. The Curry County caucus brought tears to Mary Mendoza's eyes. For 83-year-old Mary Mendoza, this isn't just any election... it's her first.

"I liked it. It was very exciting and very emotional," says Mendoza who adds, she couldn't help but cry. After coming to the country as a child, Mendoza finally became a citizen in December.   She joined hundreds of Curry County voters that packed the caucus polling site Tuesday. "Our country is in trouble and we need to turn out. We need to express where we stand and why," said one voter.

After years of watching elections without having a say, Mendoza is more than satisfied. "It feels wonderful. After all we've been in this country for so many years, I might as well.. let them hear my voice too."