Droves of Voters Converge in Curry Co. Democratic Primary

Droves of voters converged in one area city to cast ballots for New Mexico's Democratic presidential caucus.

The Curry County Democratic party chairman tells us about four hundred voters showed up in the first 90 minutes. Mark Sweetman says caucusing at this point in the race is mobilizing Democratic voters. "Participating early in the process at least historically has given people a sense their votes are being cast at a time where the election is still in the balances and I think, they tend to think that is a more meaningful vote," says Sweetman.

New Mexico Republicans will get their first crack at the presidential race at the state's primary June third. But the party could still see some Super Tuesday gains should one candidate separate from the pack. "Every candidate is putting together a money machine, and that machine is raising money and spending money, and if you only have one person doing that the money pool gets bigger for that one person," says Curry County Republican party chairman Rube Render.

New Mexico's Democratic party made the call to set Tuesday's caucus instead of waiting for a June state primary.  That means state Democrats are also picking up the tab for today's polling. Sweetman estimates a price tag of about half a million dollars to run the caucuses statewide.