We Support You Rally

"America Supports You Texas" welcomed two area soldiers home from the war this evening.

Sergeants Shad Fowler and David Vasquez of the U.S. Army returned home to a welcoming committee of family and friends at the Ambassador Hotel.

They were treated to refreshments and gifts. Even a few personal speeches from proud supporters.

Both of these soldiers have received Purple Hearts because of injuries received in the line of duty.

"I was wounded in 2004 during my first tour in Iraq. I was hit by a roadside bomb. I got well and decided to stay in the army. Keep on Truckin," said Sgt. Fowler.

"I got wounded in Southeast Afghanistan in 2002 in operation Anaconda. I was hit by an enemy mortar round fired by the Taliban," added Sgt. Vasquez.

The opening speech was given by a disabled student from Tascosa High School, who wanted to personally thank the soldiers.

Sgt. Fowler paid the respect back by giving the young man his personal combat pin.