Mystery Monday - Jason Fisher

Tonight we are bringing back a viewer favorite. It is Mystery Monday. This month.. The series is focusing on unsolved murders in the last five years.

He was accused of tag-team robberies between his girlfriend and him.. Something investigators say could have led to the stabbing of both. But investigators say those crimes don't justify someone killing him in cold blood. We are quickly approaching the anniversary... In fact the 26th will be five years.

The 2003 murder of Jason Fisher is tonights Mystery Monday - the last five years.

The marks on the ground tell the whole story.

Lt. Gary Trupe with Special Crimes says, "Jason Tyler Fisher was stabbed multiple times in his body. There was somecomplications during this investigation because Jason and his girlfriend at the time Crystal Roach were picking up some elderly people and then robbing them. There was always some type of thought that there was possibility that miss roach had picked up someone, maybe on a date, and somehow or another that went bad."

Investigators say they have always believed their suspect could have been fighting for his own life.

"Maybe there was some issues, some self defense issues. It kind of makes you suspicious because if someone was trying to rob you why would you not come back and report it." Trupe says.

Regardless of his lifestyle, Lt. Trupe says Jason could have been doing nothing wrong.

"Jason may have been just an innocent victim of something but we don't know."

Heres what they do know.

"The suspect was a hispanic male 30-40, 5 foot 6" to 6 foot , 240 lbs with a full beard. He was wearing a t-shirt and dark pants. And the information we got was that he was driving in a blue or green mid-sized car."

Crystal Roach recovered from her stab wounds... And went to jail on robbery charges.

If you have any information on this crime you are asked to call the Potter - Randall Special Crimes unit at 378-9468.

Next week, may be the most disturbing murder we will feature. Investigators say they found him sitting up in his chair, facing the TV, a half drunk cup of coffee by his side.... And several bullet holes in his chest.

That's next week on Mystery Monday - The Last Five Years.