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Man Understands Why Illegals Come to TX Panhandle

Jorge Nuñez Jorge Nuñez
Al Muñiz Al Muñiz

More illegal immigrants are leaving other states behind to make their home in the Texas panhandle. 

One man who understands why this move is happening. Jorge Nuñez says he crossed through wilderness to get to this country illegally, but now he's a documented resident. He remembers what it was like to be without papers, and still feels uncomfortable with new laws against illegal immigrants in Oklahoma. 

Recent state laws against illegal immigrants there send a message to legal ones too. "They don't want us here," says Nuñez. Amarillo immigration counselor Al Muñiz expects dozens of undocumented families will now come to the Texas panhandle to escape a crackdown on illegal immigrants. "The laws are very tough in those states. They cannot live there, they don't have a chance to live, that's why they are moving," says Muñiz.

Some Amarilloans we spoke with would like to see tougher immigrant laws in Texas too. "I would yeah, I don't blame 'em for wanting to come up here, take advantage of the work and everything but they ought to do it legally," says Jim Kingsolver.  Nuñez sees a difference in Amarillo. "The people treat Mexicans better here in Amarillo."

Muñiz tells me the move is actually part of a larger trend of illegal immigrants feeling persecuted from new state laws designed to drive them out.

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