Tougher Laws Outside Texas Bring Illegals to Area

Al Muniz, local immigration counselor
Al Muniz, local immigration counselor

Tougher laws outside Texas are propelling more illegal immigrants to our area. That's according to one local immigration counselor.

Al Muniz tells us dozens of undocumented families are headed to the Texas panhandle from Oklahoma and Arizona because new laws have made it too difficult for them to live there. Unlike Oklahoma and Arizona, Texas has no state law that punishes employers for knowingly hiring undocumented workers.

Al Muniz says illegal immigrant families are finding it too risky to live in those states, and they have better chances in the Texas panhandle. "That is easier here in Texas. They can find a house to live, they can have still some jobs to do and that is why they are coming in huge numbers."

Muniz notes more undocumented people are moving to New Mexico as well because it's fairly easy for them to get a driver's license there.