Safely Driving in Winter Weather

Paul Braun, TxDOT Spokesman
Paul Braun, TxDOT Spokesman

Two major accidents have already happened on I-40 during snow conditions. And with more snow in the SuperCast, the Texas Department of Transportation is warning drivers to be alert.

TxDOT officials tell us it is all about common sense. Here are scenes from the two major accidents that took place on I-40. The first one just before Christmas was near the Pullman exit.

The other, just Thursday, was near Whitaker Road. With the snow coming... Officials say drivers who take to the roads need to be on watch for bad blowing snow conditions in this area.

Paul Braun with TxDOT says, "A white out condition can happen at any time and catch you off guard and you need to be able to react. It's your responsibility as the driver to react to those conditions and to drive to those conditions. There is nothing we can do as txdot except keep the road as clear as we can of snow and ice. It is you the driver that has to take that responsibility."

Braun says it's important for drivers to remember that every car becomes the same in low visibility... So having an SUV doesn't mean you're better off.

He also says drivers need to stay much farther back from other drivers during bad conditions.