UIL Realignment Costing Big

Traveling farther and more often on your dime... Several area schools will be doing it, thanks to new district realignments by the university interscholastic league.

Some will travel 300 miles next season to play.. A trend officials say if continues, it could mean... You play if you pay.

To understand why some will have to travel more and more often... We went to the source.

Mark Cousins with UIL says, "With canyon coming up from 3A to 4A by policy we had to put them in the same district as Canyon-Randall, with that being the case, that basically was the district Hereford had been in the past, district 3. So when Canyon came in there that already put six in that district. Certainly we could have left Hereford there with a seven team district but we felt what happened down below that with Lubbock Estacado dropping out of 4A to 3A and Abilene Cooper coming down from 5A to 4A it left us with not many schools in that particular area which could make a district. So instead of leaving a seven team district and a 5 team district, we left a 6 team district and a 6 team district."

Some of the hardest hit are school districts with smaller budgets like, Dalhart, Borger, and Hereford.

Don Delozier, Boys Athletic Director for Hereford says, "It's a difficult situation for our school district. We are trying to make sure that we use our money wisely, because we know our travel budget will have to be expanded."

Hereford, will have to travel to 300 miles south, with the new realignment... Something they say they will appeal, because they cannot afford it.

I spoke with AISD, they say if it comes to it they will cut things like meal money or charted expenses before they cut games.

The athletic director tells me he hopes his kids never pay to play.