Some Amarilloans Divided Over Gun Control

Some local people are divided over how Texas handles gun control. The lone star state scored just nine out of a hundred possible points in a review from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Some people in Amarillo are proud of the state's low rating when it comes to controlling firearms. Charli Stokes is happy her state rounds out the bottom of the national gun control ranking. "Hallelujah, yes it sure is, yeah that's good news because that means that we don't have alot of over the top control," she says.

The Brady Campaign wants mandatory background checks on all Texas gun sales, not just the ones sold in stores. "Yes definitely they should in my opinion," agrees one Amarillo man. "If I sold a gun to somebody, if I owned one and sold it, how would that be accomplished on a good basis?" asks another.

Stokes says a background check on every sale is going too far. "You're blaming the law-abiding citizen for the criminal's acts," says Stokes. Brady Campaign members are hopeful Texas legislators think differently next session.