Local Leader

A local leader finds no reason to toughen gun laws despite a poor report card for gun control in Texas. The group behind that report card complains it's too easy in Texas for criminals to get their hands on a gun. Congressman Mac Thornberry says even if that is true, tighter gun control is not the way to solve that problem.

"The answer is to deal with crime. It's not to try to take away whatever instrument a criminal chooses to use," he says.  Thornberry says current background checks in place are adequate, and gun violence is better handled by going after criminals.

He sees no reason to force further checks for personal sales like selling a gun to a neighbor.  But that's what the Brady campaign warns is dangerous.

"We just need universal background checks. We need everyone to go through background checks. I should not be able to sell a gun to my next door neighbor without knowing his background," says Marsha McCartney, president of the Texas Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Texas received a score of nine out of a hundred possible points for gun control.