Rick Husband Remembered

The crew members of the shuttle Columbia, which included Amarillo native Rick Husband, are being remembered today. Five years after they died.

Relatives, NASA officials, and astronauts gathered in Florida to mark the anniversary of the day the shuttle broke apart and burned over East Texas.

A former shuttle commander read the names of the victims and NASA gave roses to guests.

Locally, one high school teacher took the extra effort to pay tribute to the fallen crew of the Columbia, and Commander Rick Husband in particular.

A freshman in high school right now was probably about nine years old during the tragedy of the Columbia space shuttle crash, But that didn't stop Jack Barnes, an Algebra teacher at Tascosa High School, from sharing Rick Husband's inspirational journey to becoming an astronaut, and then the tragic events of five years ago.

We were lucky enough to sit in on his freshman class as they viewed Barnes' presentation.

Tyler Young says even though she was young, she remembers the events. And, after today she has a new perspective on the tragedy.

"I took it as like if you live and make an impression when you're living, when you die that impression will still make a difference. People will remember you for all the good things that you've done."

Young and her classmates got a look at some interviews with the crew before the crash, as well as some aftermath.

Rick Husband was a good friend of Barnes, they met when Barnes retired from the Navy in the mid 90's.

"Today, like every year on this day, I share this with the kids for one reason. To show them that dreams can come true. Rick had a dream, and he worked hard for it, and realized a dream come true."