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Funding Shortages Stunting Amarillo Growth

City Planner Kelley Shaw City Planner Kelley Shaw
Committee Member Ron Connally Committee Member Ron Connally
Revenue troubles for Amarillo are reportedly stunting the city's growth and you could see some more money out of your pocket in the near future because of it. 
You won't see many subdivision like these going up around Amarillo. That's because projects are stalled due to a shortage in city funding. 

"Some say they ready to go now, but we're not able to get those infrastructure improvements to them so they can start," City Planner Kelley Shaw says.

That infrastructure being water, sewer and roads. So a 9 member development policy committee appointed by the city commission is looking for ways to generate revenue. 

"the revenue generation from roof tops from new housing built does not generate enough revenue to offset the infrastructure cost," Committee Member Ron Connally says.
Leaving the city with tough choices because Connally says the committee will more than likely recommend passing some of those costs to residents.

"We're going to have to look at revenue sources in several different directions. I think we do need to start making those incremental increases in our taxes, I do think we really need to consider our water rates."

The city has not raised property taxes in many years, so I'm told that is one important first step to getting out of this funding crunch.  Also more fees on your water and sewage bill.  The committee is expected to bring their recommendations to the city commission by this spring.
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