Xbox 360 Turok Superior To PS3 Version

Boston (dbTechno) - According to reviews which are beginning to pop up, it appears that the Xbox 360 version of the newly released first-person-shooter Turok is far superior in graphics and performance than the PS3 version.

IGN posted their reviews of the new Tork game and stated that the Xbox 360 was superior to the PS3 version.

They stated that the visuals of the PS3 version suffer compared to the Xbox 360 version due to things such as drops in framerate, bad textures, and screen tearing.

IGN stated "Sadly, Turok is yet another game that stumbles making the leap from the 360 to the PS3."

"PS3-centric problems include more screen tearing, framerate drops, and textures that look even more fugly."

Considering the PS3 is the console with more power under its hood, this may be a huge disappointment to Sony PS3 fans.