Milestone Architectural Goes to Libya

A local business gets a trip to Libya, but not for leisure, to roll up their sleeves and do some work.

Milestone Architectural is a business in Amarillo that specializes in stonework.

Not only do local contractors use their services, but homebuilders across the country seek out milestone for various stone projects.

Now the company is taking it one step further.

The Libyan government contacted the owner and asked if they would supervise a project to renovate historic structures dating back to ancient times.

"They have more ruins in the top of Africa than anywhere. Italy is right here. So Hannibal, Caesar, every conqueror who conquered went through the North of Africa to get down," said owner and CEO Melody Saunders Brenna.

Brenna is a part of a group that includes business owners from companies like Boeing and Hewlitt-Packard.

But her job is to make sure improper renovations from 50 years ago are fixed correctly.

Brenna will go over to Libya every six weeks to oversee the progress on the renovations.

She said the first attempt is already falling apart, and that they are excited to help out this time through.

They will also be able to take some of the historic design work and bring it back with them to use here at home.