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Local Homeless People Respond to Service Controversy

Joyce Hindsley, Just arrived in Amarillo Joyce Hindsley, Just arrived in Amarillo
Pastor Don Lane Pastor Don Lane
Homeless Coalition Chairman Art Crosser Homeless Coalition Chairman Art Crosser

A local pastor insists Amarillo's kindness is to blame for a chronic homeless problem.  

Pastor Don Lane says Amarillo needs to expect something in return for helping local homeless people. He works with the inner city poor and says at any time there are about 300 transients living off the city's good intentions.

Joyce Hindsley has just arrived in Amarillo with one goal. "Find a job and get back on my feet."  She says Amarillo is known for its free services for homeless people like her. Lane says it's that reputation that makes local goodwill addictive. "Something's gotta be done. There has to be a sense in our city that we expect something from them, that there's no reason to be without a job in Amarillo, Texas if you're able bodied," says Lane.

"There's always people who will respond in a negative manner to a situation. And what I'm asking is if you'll put the same kind of effort into helping us find solutions.. I think we might be able to accomplish something," responds Homeless Coalition Chairman Art Crosser.  Homeless people we spoke with say free meals and shelter are crucial. "They're not on the street just to get the free services. We need more services," says one homeless woman who would not give her name. "Most people would be glad to get the opportunity to work," says Hindsley.

She hopes to spend the night at the Salvation Army, and possibly find work as a painter. Lane says he would like to see local agencies come together to talk about chronic homelessness. Crosser says he would welcome suggestions for solutions, though notes there will always be homeless people who need help.

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