Local High School Campus Locked Down After Intruder Alert

Bruce Melton, Concerned Parent
Bruce Melton, Concerned Parent
Tascosa Principal Bob Daniel
Tascosa Principal Bob Daniel

There was an intruder alert on campus today at Amarillo's Tascosa High School, immediately putting the high school on lockdown because a  weapon was allegedly involved.

The threat turned out to be false and all students are safe, but several parents checked their child out anyway.

One parents Bruce Melton said "he was really upset and that throws off a child's concentration."
Another parent Anita Hegeman said "I'm not taking a risk with my child. That's one risk I won't take."

School officials say anytime there is a perceived threat to student safety, schools are placed on lockdown...and everyone knows what to do because they practice twice a year. 

"We come on the PA and say teachers please lockdown, they cover the windows, they move the students to an area of safety in the room where they are not in view of the windows and that way the bad guys if he is on campus looking around will think the room is empty and move on," Tascosa Principal Bob Daniel said.
Daniel says no one is allowed on or off campus, and the police are called to investigate and secure the campus. 

"Once the all clear is given we will allow students to call parents and let them know and parents can make a decision as to how they want to proceed. We would never have released the lockdown if we thought there was still a perceived danger."

Daniel also says the lockdown was carried out according to plan without any problems. He says there hasn't been a need for a lockdown for two years and the campus is safe for students return to classes tomorrow.