MySpace Security Breach

Ray Wilson, CEO and President of cat-man-du
Ray Wilson, CEO and President of cat-man-du

According to a release by cat-man-du News:

A bug on MySpace has allowed access to profiles set to private. According to Wired, a national technological magazine, this security glitch has been ignored by MySpace since last fall. The breach was closed soon after but not before someone using an automated script downloaded approximately 44,000 private profiles and more than 560,000 pictures set to private. This breach especially affects users under 16, whose profiles and pictures are automatically set to private. These pictures that have been downloaded are now accessible to voyeurs and pedophiles on the net, who have been posting friend IDs and photo links of profiles they find particularly interesting. These downloaded files are also showing up on popular seedy sites across the net.

Ray Wilson, CEO and President of cat-man-du, says the problem has been fixed. But he is still concerned.

"They have responded by fixing the security exploit, but the question is when does the next exploit come that allows private information to spill out over the internet."

A video on Youtube explained the hacking procedure in detail. That video as of today had around 150,000 hits.

Wilson says the only way to ensure your private information's safety, is to stay off socail networking web sites.