Shooting Suspect Used AK-47

He was using an AK-47 rifle when he fired 20 or 30 rounds at Amarillo Police Officers.

Police say 25 year old Roman Mrtinez barricaded the door of an apartment at Sungate with a couch to try to keep the SWAT team out.

It all started yesterday morning around 11:30 when police say he fired a rifle and took off running into the complex after they tried serving him a warrant.

At 9:30 last night, they used a pole camera to try to see Martinez. They found him dead on the balcony.

Police say Martinez fired at them several times throughout the day, and officers returned fire.

They say they think he died from those SWAT team shots. Police tell us Martinez's weapon was so powerful, its rounds went through walls and doors. They say they also would have gone through officers' vests had they stepped in the line of fire.