Update: Sungate Police Stand-Off

Minutes after posting this update Amarillo Police confirmed the suspect was found dead.

The Amarillo Police Department and SWAT team are trying to open the lines of communication with a man who they say fired shots at them several times today.

Police tell us around 11:30 today a man fired his rifle and fled into the apartment complex. They say he then again opened fire around 5:30 and has continued to shoot police since then. Right now police know what building he is in and negotiators are on scene trying to talk with him but they tell us he has refused.

Amarillo Police say they went to the Sungate apartment complex to serve 25 year old Roman Martinez with a warrant. That warrant was for bond forfeiture for assaulting a public servant. 
And thats where the altercation began. As they were trying to approach the vehicle he jumped out fired a round and took off running.

Police and the Amarillo SWAT team became involved in a standoff that has lasted well into the evening. One resident says he was taken aback when he saw police all over the complex.
"A police man escorted me to the mailbox and told me to get down low. They take you off the grounds but won't let you come back."

Police have also issued a warrant for allegedly shooting at an officer on January 12th at an Amarillo nightclub. Police are asking anyone who lives in the complex to stay put unless an officer knocks on your door or calls you and tells you to leave.