Ken Farren Heads to Court

A candidate for Potter County Sheriff will face a newly selected jury in the morning.

By one this afternoon, 80 of the more than 300 jurors remained. When Farren's attorney asked how many of them had already heard about the case through the media or around town..

I saw about 80 percent of the hands go up.

Some of those potential jurors even admitted to attorneys that they didn't feel they could be open minded in, as one described it, "The high profile case".

An issue Farren's attorney had worried about. He was planning on asking for a change of venue. But after selecting the final six and one alternate.. Bill Kelly says he won't ask to switch counties.

Kelly says, "It's important to get people on the jury who are fair and impartial and be open minded and listen to all the evidence and apply the law. I think we got a good jury, I think they will be very fair, I think they will be open minded and will listen and hopefully we will get the right verdict."

Farren is facing two Class B Misdemeanor charges for abuse of official capacity. Class B is the second lowest charge a person can get.

Kelly says, "The fact that it is a Class B Misdemeanor does not deminish the importance of it to mr. Farren, it is very very important to him."

The main reason... If Farren is convicted he will be striped of his peace officer title. The trial resumes at 10 in the morning, and should be concluded by Thursday or Friday.