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Care and Maintenance

Gel Gloss is a highly recommended cleaner, and made exclusively for cultured marble surfaces which require a non abrasive cleaner.  You can purchase this at our showroom or at most Home Depot or Lowes.

Cultured marble is very low maintenance and easy to clean.  It doesn't require any specific cleanser, as long as it isn't abrasive.  Most any cleaning product is sufficient, such as Gel Gloss, Clorox Bathroom Cleaner, Tilex, Comet, or 409.  The best cleaning method is using a squeegee regularly so that water spots and calcium don't build up.

To remove hard water build-up on shower walls, shower floors, vanities, etc...  simply use a mild soap and water.  Tilex or 409 are suitable cleaners as well.  More difficult stains can be treated with most lime and rust stain removers.  After cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.

Whirlpool tubs get build-up in the jets if not used regularly.  There is a spa and tub cleaner that you can use periodically to help with deposits in the system.  Check with your local pool and spa companies and they should be able to assist you with what you need and answer any questions you might have.

Polishing minor surface scratches on a regular basis with a non abrasive cleaner will help keep your marble looking brand new. (Gel Gloss or liquid auto wax) Some of the more apparent scratches can be buffed out using a polishing compound.  If there is a deep scratch or chip, call us and we can get someone from our repair department to go there and repair it for you.