Production Process


Our state-of-the art equipment helps us not only in production time, but more importantly it allows us to ensure our customers the highest quality product EVERY time.  Our shop is set up so that different areas can focus on their specific task at hand.

Process of Production

1. First we have to choose the mold that will be necessary for the job.  We have mold storage racks with casters that we store all the molds on so that whichever one we might need it is always easily accessible.

2. Next the molds are moved to the set-up area where everything is laid out, measured, taped off, and clayed per custom order. All of the molds are treated and waxed which cuts down on finish work allowing a faster production and a higher quality finished product.

3. The molds then go to the spray booth area where they are inspected again for proper measurement and then sprayed with gel coat.  To ensure even coverage, the base can tilt and rotate 360 degrees.  If spray granite is requested, the tip on the spray gun is changed and a granite/gel coat mixture is sprayed onto the mold.  There is a built-in vacuum/ventilation system so that the overspray doesn't settle on the molds in the storage racks and other equipment.

4. It is then guided into the heat tunnel which drastically reduces the gel coat curing time. As the gel coat cures in the heat tunnel it is protected from any foreign debris while simultaneously heating the mold and gelling the top coat so it can be poured on almost immediately. The heat tunnel is a crucial part of the process that allows us to continue to produce no matter how hot, cold, or humid it may be outside.

5. After the gel coat is cured the mold is guided onto a vibrating table where the marble will be poured onto it.

6. The mixing station is set up with all of the pigment colors, catalyst, fillers, and other ingredients that are necessary.  A scale is used to measure out the exact amount every time so that the color is always consistent.  We then pour the filler in the mixing pot, weigh the resin, turn the mixer on and add the resin and other ingredients accordingly.

7. After it is mixed and before it starts to catalyze, the pot is transported by the mixing cart to the vibrating tables where it is then hand poured or thrown (depending on the type of vein you request) onto the molds and vibrated until it covers the entire mold evenly.

8. After the marble cures and is released from the mold it is moved to the finish area where it is trimmed down, ground, and polished to get that high gloss sheen.  Our marble is buffed/ground in the grinding booth which has a high suction vacuum/ventilation system so that the dust is sucked out immediately and doesn't drift out into the shop.

9. After the marble is buffed/ground it is set on our storage racks.  Before it goes out to be installed the entire job is inspected on a check list to make sure that every piece is present and the right color, style, and size.

Quality Control helps you - the customer, and us - the manufacturer, so that in the end everyone can be proud of the final product!