Bishop Yanta Honored

Members of the community showed up at a reception honoring Bishop John W. Yanta, who will give up control of the diocese on February 22nd.

Bishop Yanta was honored at the turnout.

"It means a lot to me to have all these people who have come from different areas of the diocese."

Yanta was granted permission to step down, back on January 3rd by Pope Benedict XVI.

He mentioned the Catholic school system, and some of his pro-life efforts with Catholic Planned Families, as some of his best accomplishments.

Bishop Patrick J. Zurek will take over for Yanta.

Yanta wanted to give his appreciation to all the members of the Diocese.

"I want to thank all the wonderful people, you're in my prayers, thoughts, and memories. Thank You."

Bishop Yanta served Amarillo for 11 years.