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PBR Comes to Amarillo

The Amarillo National Center is hosting the Professional Bull Riders Association this weekend.

About a hundred cowboys from all over the country will take to the shoots this weekend hoping for successful rides and some prize money.

Twenty-two year old Jordan Hupp of the PBR had an opinion of the prizes. "If you can get in the top 3 it pays really well, there on out it whittles down pretty good, but you know it still gives you enough to keep going down the road. So as long as you get something. At least I'm happy anyway."

This two night event is just another stop to these professional riders.  And it takes a whole different type of workout and muscle use to be prepared for the bull.

"There's some guys that don't work out at all and there's some guys that work out everyday of the week. I mean it's just how healthy you feel that you need to be to perform your best," said Louisiana bull rider, Lucas Guilbeau.

The riders are all different ages and from many backgrounds but they all come with the hope of hearing the buzzer at the end of the eight seconds.

The contestants said they love every minute of every exhilarating ride and are happy with their profession, but nothing beats the glory of flashing a newly won buckle.


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