National Plan to Revive Economy Could Start in Your Wallet

A government plan to revive the economy could start in your wallet. A tax advisor says thousands of Amarillo taxpayers would qualify for a proposed rebate from Washington.

The idea is to encourage spending, but one local woman aims to do just the opposite. Calls have flooded a local tax office with questions about potential rebates on the way. Lorena Wallace says she's looking forward to getting the money.. and holding on to it.

"I'm planning to save mine hopefully," says Wallace. With a baby on the way, Wallace says she'd rather stick fifteen hundred dollars in a savings account.  But others admit they'll do exactly what the government is prodding them to do.

"I will probably spend mine," says one local mother. "I think it will help us tremendously, you know an extra 1500 dollars that you didn't have before," says Sarah Casas, who lives in Amarillo.

"People get nervous when they start reading maybe the economy's bad, 'maybe I better hold on to this money and not spend it.' But if you give 'em something extra they're very likely to go out and spend it. And that's what they want them to do. Make the wheels turn," says Dolores Rountree, who has spent 40 years in the tax business.

Wallace concedes she won't hold on to the money forever. "It'll be spent eventually, once the baby comes."

Rountree says thousands of people in Amarillo are likely to receive hundreds of dollars and pass those bucks on to area businesses.