Apartments Clean Up Sewage Spill

A local apartment crew is just finishing cleaning up from a sewage spill that left their grounds soaked with toilet material.

24 hours. That's the deadline Sungate Apartments was given by the City of Amarillo to clean up the spill.

Apartment officials tell us they used a back hoe and labor to pick up in the area.

Ryan Richardson with Sungate Apartments says, "Pretty much after the City left us yesterday we had most of our staff go out there and start the clean up process. Last night we actually had to rent a back hoe to get a bunch of that taken care off."

They are also getting it disinfected, all part of the requirements the city placed on the complex.

"Once we actually get it cleaned up we are going to basically just keep an eye on things."

Richardson says they were unaware of the problem and that is why it sat so long. He says it doesn't help that they also had a fresh water pipe break at the same time.

"That one we actually ran into a few more problems and was worse than what we had anticipated."

He says there was a previous sewage spill a few days before this one. They have not gotten that picked up yet. He says they are taking care of the worse one first and then will pick up the other spill.