COPY-Texas Country Reporter Pays Amarillo a Visit

Nathan Thomas has a love for vacuum cleaners that goes unmatched.

This morning he got to show off that love to the Texas Country Reporter.  A crew showed up to catch Thomas working, as he does every day at Cain's Carpet Care.

Thomas used to run his own carpet cleaning business, but after 15 years he decided to offer his services to Allen Cain of Cain's Carpet.

Cain accepted the offer, and even to this day is amazed at Thomas' love for vacuums.

"He just loves to work on vacuums, he has since he was a baby. He'd climb on when his mom was vacuuming instead of playing with toys. He was an infant vacuum cleaner fanatic right off the bat," said Cain.

Cain thought it was only natural that Thomas get the opportunity to be on such a famous TV show to talk about vacuum cleaners.

"Any opportunity he gets to share and talk about his vacuum cleaners, he's excited. That kid comes back out in him, and he's ready to go. Tell you more. Stick around and he'll talk to you all day and night."

Thomas has close to 300 vacuum cleaners in his collection.