Save Hundreds On Your Energy Bill...Here's How

As electric bills continue to increase, people are looking for a few ways to save.

One way is to unplug items like cell phone charges, TV's, DVD players, computers and other types of electronics when they are not in use, because they are still consuming energy. You could save about 90 dollars every year just by doing that. Xcel says remember these basic tips to save even more money. 

"Longer term things insulation if you're having trouble with your heating bill in the winter time if you properly insulate you can save up to 25 percent." Spokesman, Wes Reeves said.

Another way to save big is by participating in Xcel Energy's program to make your home more energy efficient. They'll send contractors into your home and cover the cost. 

"I have two return airs and I was going to enlarge one because I thought it would make it more efficient but talking to these guys that's actually the one we want to down size or eliminate to make the system more efficient," program participant Mike Craven said.

By making your home energy efficient saves you 20 percent or more off your monthly bill. 
"In the long run in terms of savings would you say that it pays for itself? absolutely, absolutely we believe and know any energy improvements that you put into your home you should see those rebated through your energy savings within twelve months." Program contractor, Jamie Macrander of Star efficiency said.

To participate in Xcel Energy's program log on to their website at