Canceled Road Widening Could Squeeze More than Drivers

Canceled road widening plans could squeeze more than just local drivers. NewsChannel 10 found out who stands to lose from stalled projects.

TxDOT points out not only are these cancelled projects designed to accommodate growth, they also promote it.  But the agency says rising construction costs are essentially sidelining all new road projects indefinitely. And that's bad for business.

"There's a safety aspect, a congestion relief aspect, an economic viability aspect. That's why the projects are so valuable and it's painful when we can't do 'em when we'd like to," says TxDOT District Engineer Mark Tomlinson.

"You've got new drivers coming in on the roads every day, and no widening of the roads means complications ahead in the future and that's something they ought to think about," says driver Brianne Banner.

Tomlinson says the state is thinking about that and considering options like toll roads, or city and county funding to help fill the void.