Is It Stalking Or Not?

One in five Texans says he or she has been stalked. That, according to a survey by the Crime Institute at Sam Houston State University.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has named January Stalking Awareness Month. But there may be some confusion as to what is classified as stalking.

You leave work and for a few nights in a row you notice someone following you home. Or an ex boyfriend or girlfriend shows up at the office or gym every day just to get to you.

Well, that does not count as stalking.

The Amarillo Police Department tells us something more serious must happen before it becomes a crime. You must have a threat against you or your family.

But if the person following you does have a restraining order against him or her, then it is a crime.

Also, if you receive harassing phone calls, emails, text messages or whatever, those could be classified as harassment or disorderly conduct.

That is a misdemeanor whereas stalking is a felony.