Pipes Freezing? ...Here's What You Can Do

As cold temperatures persist, plumbers are seeing more water pipes freezing throughout Amarillo.

In cold weather, lack of running water or low water pressure could be a sign your water pipes are frozen.  In this instance master plumber Richard Anderson of Allen's says you can thaw them out by using a heat gun.

Iit's almost like a superman version of a hair dryer that's all it is basically. So you can get under there and kinda get that heat gun on those pipes and thaw them out."

Anderson adds before your pipes have a chance to freeze in the sub zero temperatures there are some simple  measures you can take.

"Water in motion has a tendency not to freeze so if you keep faucets dripping and stuff like that it shouldn't freeze on you. Not saying it won't, but the chances are less likely."

Anderson says you may want to leave cabinet doors open so heat can get to the pipes and do the required maintenance outside to protect inside your home.

"If you have a hose bib or a garden hose on the outside of the house they make insulation covers that you can pick up at a local hardware store to go over garden hose attachments."

If your pipes do freeze and burst, immediately contact the city at 378-3019 to have your water shut off and call a plumber.