Local Woman Turns Painful Memory into Ministry

About 500 Amarillo babies are aborted each year. That's according to CareNet pregnancy center.

One local woman has turned a painful decision into a ministry for pregnant women in crisis. For Candy Gibbs, the memory of her teenage abortion is still fresh. "There is a fifteen-year-old little girl that does not come home from school every day. And nothing that I do can change that," she says.

Instead, Gibbs tries to make changes for other people. She leads a team of counselors who provide pro-life support for women with unplanned pregnancies. "When you see a young mom with a baby and you know months before she had considered aborting, there's nothing like that. There's nothing like that."

Gibbs advocates abstinence over birth control, while Planned Parenthood favors a different strategy when it comes to premarital sex and preventing unwanted pregnancies. "We say just don't do it, well lord have mercy they're gonna do it. Fifty percent of 'em are gonna do it and we have to arm them with the information where they can know that it is not healthy for a young person to engage in sex. It's simply not healthy," says agency director Claudia Stravato.

She points out most Amarillo women who choose abortions do it because they fear they won't be able to care for the children they already have. But Gibbs says life is a choice you don't regret. "Never once have I met a woman who came in and said 'gosh I gave this baby life and I wish I would have chosen to abort. Never once," says Gibbs.