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Man's Info Put on Someone Elses Loan Application

A customer's information accidently gets put on anothers at a local car dealership. Leaving one man worrying about his credit.

He was happy with the car he bought. Until he started receiving denial letters in other peoples names for cars... But with his social security number.

Bob Smith says he alerted All Star Dodge to the problem when he first received letters from banks.

"This other persons name with my social and my address so iI was really worried about someone driving around in a new car with my name and social security number."

That isn't what happened though. The mistake was caught by nine different loan places that had been sent the wrong application. Something Smith is grateful for.

"I feel good about knowning that these banks did their checks. And of course the ones here on the table where all denied."

W spoke with all star dodge, they did not want to go on camera but they tell us this was a one time accident.

They say it was a case of human error that was recognized and corrected.

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