Research Says Coffee Can Cause Miscarriages

Dr. Brian Eades, Women's Healthcare Associates
Dr. Brian Eades, Women's Healthcare Associates

Drinking coffee could heighten your risk of a miscarriage. That, according to new research published today in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

But doctors are split over whether they will allow their patients to continue consuming caffeine.

One in five pregnancies ends in a miscarriage.

The research published today says caffeine could double the chance of having one. It also claims it does not matter the beverage, whether it be coffee or soda, it still could increase the risk.

But one doctor we spoke with says he wants to see more evidence before he tells his patients to cut out their coffee breaks all together.

Dr. Brian Eades of Women's Healthcare Associates says he "would say limit the caffeine intake, one cup of coffee a day or one or two soft drinks a day."

Eades says he believes if caffeine does pose such a significant threat, we would have found out about it years ago. Still, he says he will continue to follow the issue as more research becomes available.