Family Escapes Fire Without Plan

Some Amarillo family members are now speaking out about a fire that destroyed their home.  The Pickering family say they're grateful everyone got out alive, but if something like that happened again, things would be different.

Planning a fire escape is not something the family ever talked about. "We never did," says Jason Pickering."Not one time. But I'm certain we will this time." Amarillo Fire Captain Bob Johnson recommends not only planning a family fire escape, but performing fire drills at home with your kids.

"To have a fire drill that you've actually practiced on, to have the kids involved with it, to make sure the windows will open so that you can get through them, to have a meeting place established, the more of that you do before an emergency occurs the greater chance you're gonna be able to survive it."

Wendy Pickering says if "we had been in just another.. I mean even a few minutes .. It could have been so much worse." Even the youngest family members say they'd react differently if a fire happened again. "Get outside more quickly," says nine-year-old Bailey Pickering.

Getting outside is what Captain Johnson stresses as most important... getting outside and then calling 9-1-1 to report a fire from a safe place. Family members say next time they will have a fire plan.