Drug Program Has Funding Cuts

Sheriff Mike Shumate
Sheriff Mike Shumate

A drug fighting fund is being cut. That means agencies across the country are being hit hard.

Potter County received more than 80 thousand dollars from the Justice Assistance Grant Program last year. But this year they are expecting to get less than 30 thousand.

Sheriff Mike Shumate says they are going to have to cut back on equipment. Not buying things like night vision equipment and new bullet proof vest. Based on the estimated percentage they are expecting to lose.

Shumate says, "70% so we will just have to tailor our diet to match that."

Shumate says they have been preparing for the cut back. Buying the essentials over the years.

He says the loss in funding won't affect personnel or how they serve the county.

"This has no impact what so ever to the service to the citizens of Potter County. It's just will have fewer things to give our people to do their job with."

Shumate says there is no other way of making up for the loss in funding from this specific program.

He says they are sitting well with the equipment they have but it may be years before the assistance goes back up. Which would eventually put them in a bind.

We spoke with Randall County and they say they have never received money from the grant and are not affected.