Fat Free Foods Expanding Waistlines

Dr. L.A. White Jr., a local family practitioner
Dr. L.A. White Jr., a local family practitioner
Amber Trayler of L.A. Weight Loss Centers
Amber Trayler of L.A. Weight Loss Centers

Your waistline expands...even though you are eating low fat foods. 

That's because many of those foods are loaded with high fructose corn syrup. You might be surprised that many of your staple items like yogurt, canned fruits, cereal and bread all contain the ingredient, which is just another form of sugar. 

"Your blood sugar goes up then your insulin goes up as a reaction to the sugar.Insulin is a hormone that makes your body convert sugar to fat." Dr. L.A. White Jr., a local family practitioner.

Dr. White says the fat isn't the problem but the weight gain is. Saying it increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart problems. 

"It makes their blood pressure go up and the extra fat causes the arteries to become lined with a plaque. The plaque can come loose and stop up an artery and give you a heart attack."

Dr. White says that's not the only problem. 

"It also causes their joints to wear down so that they have more problems in their knees, hips, and back."

To avoid the negative affects of high fructose corn syrup Dr. White suggests eating foods that release the sugar very slowly. Foods like fruits and vegetables that are not processed. 

"So if you eat things like sweet potatoes and green beans your blood sugar doesn't go up your blood sugar stays low that way your insulin doesn't go up, your insulin stays low and you don't make fat because you can use the sugar."
Before starting a diet on your own, Dr. White suggest seeing a physician first. He says you might consider consulting a weight loss professional to get on the proper track. 

"What we focus on is more of a variety of the proteins fruits, vegetables, breads, dairy, everything, we don't really cut anything out. We want to have a variety so your body knows how to have the right amount food to loose your weight naturally that way it will stay off permanently." said Amber Trayler of L.A. Weight Loss Centers.
Trayler also says her clients see a lot of weight loss success with lowering cholesterol and blood pressure by changing habits with the foods they like

"There's a healthier way to have burgers, you can have turkey burgers. People think healthy and weight loss no flavor and you can have flavorful food and you can eat healthy."
Most importantly Dr. White says stay away from foods with high fructose corn syrup by checking the ingredients section to see if it's in there.