Amarillo Job Market Booming..Worker's Needed

The Amarillo job market is booming...but the city is seeing a shortage of workers to fill those jobs. 
Amarillo's employment rate is holding steady at about 3 percent. Employers, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, are bringing hundreds of jobs to the area. However, employers are having a hard time getting them filled. 
"We get  job orders for entry level clerical to higher level administration so I would say the  recruiting difficulty would be across the board." said Branch Manager Cheryl Roberts at S.O.S. Staffing.

Local experts say some reasons for the shortage are, people can't find jobs to match their skills, young people leaving the area, low wages and potential employees who do not have basic work readiness skills. 

"Knowing how to show up on time, how to dress, how to treat people, how to take instruction." Workforce Development  Planning, Information and Education Manager Pam Zenick said.
So Zenick is working with employers to try and find some solutions to the problem, like collaborating with the local schools.

"To develop training that is custom designed to address specifically the skills that they need in their work force. Employers are doing that for their current work forces."
Zenick also says another solution is retaining baby boomers in the work place. 

"By allowing more part time work without pulling benefits or pulling them completely to allow people to leave for periods of time and to come back, keep somebody in the labor pool contributing, but maybe not as much as before.    

Perhaps most importantly Zenick says wages need to increase to be more competitive against the big cities.