Teacher Allegedly Pushes Child in School

Pat Williams, AISD
Pat Williams, AISD

A grandmother is outraged at one local after school program because she says her grandson was pushed by a teacher. But officials with the program say that was not the case.

She says he came home last week from the Wesley Community Center with scrapes on his back. She says she was shocked when her five year old grandson told her what happened.

He told her the teacher pushed him. When the grandmother asked why, he said he didn't know.

The grandmother does not want her name revealed but does want to speak out against a teacher she says was out of line.  But when she complained to the school, she says she was given the run-around, "they said the teacher was one of their best and didn't feel any need to terminate her."

Now, when the five year old boy goes to school, his grandmother says he is afraid, "he sees her all the time. He's threatened by her."

The program is run by the Amarillo Independent School District.

A spokesman tells us they have taken every appropriate measure in looking into this allegation, saying "there was a meeting, we looked into everything but couldn't find anything at this time."

Still, AISD says action has been taken, saying "we moved the employee to another group of kids to get a fresh start."

But the grandmother says that is not enough, saying "I want to see her dismissed from the premises. My grandson did nothing wrong, he's innocent."