Grandparent Sees Way to Solve Teacher Investigation Faster

Some parents say they trust the way a local school district is handling a teacher investigation.   School officials are revealing little about an Amarillo high teacher suspended from campus. But it's advanced enough to involve Amarillo police.

"If there's questions about conduct then we take those seriously and we are going to respond to those and we will take appropriate action," says district assistant superintendent Daniel Coward.

Dennis Karr's granddaughter is a freshman at Amarillo High. He agrees with the way the district handles accusations of improper touching, but says school leaders could do a lot better. "They need cameras everywhere they can get 'em. They're not that expensive. Then that way, somebody touching somebody wrong or somebody did this wrong.. here it is in on camera in black and white. It ain't none of this he say she say," Karr says.

But some say that goes too far. "Cameras in every classroom? I don't think so," says another parent. "We do not have cameras in our classrooms in part that's an economic decision and in part it's a practicality decision. It's just not something that we feel like is warranted," says Coward. He says the district dismissed at least one employee after a misconduct investigation last year.

Coward says in this case, the district's goal is to put together accurate facts to help decide whether to reinstate or terminate the accused teacher.