Parents React to Amarillo High Investigation

An Amarillo high teacher is off the job while police and school officials investigate a student's complaint against him. We spoke with parents of Amarillo High students who say the school policy in place is the right thing to do.

A district superintendent assistant says that policy is to bring in Amarillo police if they suspect any kind of crime may have been committed. And that's what has happened in this case. Some parents also agree removing an accused employee is the best way to conduct the investigation.

"You're innocent until proven guilty, so they get the guy out of the picture, paid, let's get to the bottom of that. I have no problem with that," says Dennis Karr, whose granddaughter is a freshman at Amarillo High.

"An external and an internal investigation to find out if the allegations are correct is exactly what's in line with this type of situation," says John Moore, whose daughter is a sophomore there.

Parents we spoke with say they feel comfortable knowing how school officials would respond if their child brought a complaint about improper touching.

Amarillo police note improper touching can be anything from a hug to a kiss, or any contact that someone finds offensive or uncomfortable.