Some Readers Blame Paper for Amarillo Disconnect

Some people in our area blame a local paper for disconnecting them from Amarillo. Readers outside the Texas panhandle, including the Oklahoma panhandle and New Mexico, can no longer take home a daily copy of the Amarillo Globe-News.

They say if Amarillo won't pay attention to them, they'll take their business elsewhere. At least a dozen people showed up at the Boise City newspaper office to give us a piece of their mind about losing the paper. "I feel like if we're cut off from the rest of the communities around here, cut off from the state of Texas, from our own people," says reader Bob White.

"I just think it's wrong," says C.F. David, another reader.  People in the Oklahoma panhandle say Amarillo is their hub, from shopping to doctors appointments. And the Globe-News kept them connected, but now they're eyeing other towns. "I think when they start seeing things they can do somewhere else, they will change some of their loyalties, mostly because they will be more informed on what's going somewhere else," says Guymon Chamber of Commerce Director Gerry Matthews.

People we spoke with agree Amarillo will see a difference. Don't expect any big spending from White on his next trip. "I had some things I was going to look for in Amarillo but I'm just going to go to my doctor's appointments and come home. I don't care anything about spending any money down there," says White.  We're told subscribers received letters from the paper citing rising distribution and production costs are behind the service stoppage.

Globe-News publisher Les Simpson told us in a statement he regrets those changes. People tell us they would like to see a change of heart and have the paper come back, but they're not counting on it.